TWIL NRL Podcast #410: Chloroformally in Love

It’s a short week for the NRL, so we chat about the second State of Origin clash and open up the mailbag to the listeners!

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One thought on “TWIL NRL Podcast #410: Chloroformally in Love

  1. Lambretta says:

    Question for Real Dad
    Dear Glen
    In episode 409 Jay asked you why you still follow the Wests Tigers in spite of all they do to you.

    Your response is you still love them because of loyalty.

    The 6 year old you probably made the decision to follow the Magpies, so I was wondering, what other decisions did you make as a 6 year old that you still use to guide your decisions in life?

    Do you have the World’s largest Thomas the Tank engine collection or maybe you’re more a He-Man fan?

    One last question? As you believe changing teams is acceptable when you relocate states, is there a reason you didn’t take the option when the Magpies exited the comp? Or was the lure or a lifetime of following a team destined to never make finals too great to pass up?

    Yours sincerely

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