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TWIL NRL Podcast #319: The Scissor Muscle+

This week we talk about Stepdad’s health issues in way too much detail and relate them to the Panther’s season....

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TWIL NRL Podcast #318: Neighbrews+

This week we celebrate the success of Magic Round through beer goggles, look at the return of Dylan Walker, and...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #317: Frittata Park+

Finally, it’s Magic Round! We talk about the big weekend ahead, dealing with problematic landmarks, and as always, the rise...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #316: Structural Nougat+

This week we take on the lying media, look at some potential player transfers, revel in another week where Manly...

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TWIL NRL Podcast Episode #315: Hot Yoga+

Gus Gould is leaving the Panthers, in completely separate and unrelated news the Panthers are terrible on-field, and there’s much...

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