TWIL NRL Podcast #395: Reynoldsectomy

It’s Sunday wrap-up time and we chat about all of the action from Round of the NRL season!

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One thought on “TWIL NRL Podcast #395: Reynoldsectomy

  1. David of the Como Crocs says:

    For discussion— the highest paid f/()$$! In the game
    Team of The decade

    I know , so true, me and OCK were putting a team together last night — the key factor being paid plus $500K:

    We are missing a few players from the all time squad…. so far I have
    Aaron Woods (C)
    Andrew Fifita
    Cohen Hess
    Jarryd Croker
    Ash Taylor
    Blake Ferguson
    Brody Croft
    Matt Lodge

    Coach Ricky Stuart

    Notable omissions are1. Cartwright because he is not getting overpaid now, and 2. The COMBO— Ie Luke Brooks .. lm not sure I can explain these attributes in this forum

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