This week it’s finals time for both of our teams, how about yours? We talk Moylan, Madge, Testimonials and more! Featuring @SuperleaguePod and #AskNat.

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Grand Final Day Meet-up 2017

We’ve been doing GF day meet-ups for about 6 years now, and doing them in the form of official functions for about 3 or 4, and this year we’re going to try something a little different! While we love the traditional El Loco event, this year we’re thinking of doing an all-day function and taking over a venue from the time doors open, and all the way through the big game later that afternoon.

To pull this off though we need an idea of numbers, because the venue will need to be big enough! So if you’re in Sydney for GF day and you are coming to meet up, please fill in the RSVP so we can keep you updated with our plans

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