This week it is the season finale for 2013 as we go through our predictions at the start of the season and take our medicine for how far off the mark we really were! We also have our final batch of feedback and news for the year, and a bit of RLWC2013 chatter to top it off.

Thanks to everyone who listened in 2013, and even bigger thanks to those who RT’d, shared, bought merchandise, or anything else to help us grow the ranks of TWiLNation. See you all in 2014 for another Undefeated season for your Team of Destiny!

Note: apologies for the lateness. With the new update to OS X (and the software we use to produce the show) Apple have fucked up our workflow massively which caused delays this week. Also worth noting that recent changes made by Apple may spell the end for Enhanced Podcasts (ie the graphics and chapters etc). We know some of you love them, and we do too, but they are making it very hard (that’s what Glen said to the Polynesian)!


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