TWiL NRL Podcast #137: R U All Good?

This week we look at Mad Monday dickheads (thankfully not as bad as the AFL), finals previews, a bumper mail bag and the season finale of “Catwatch”.


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One thought on “TWiL NRL Podcast #137: R U All Good?

  1. TerryG says:

    Loved the way Nate smoothly predicted that refs Matt Chechen and Henri P.Error-Nara where set to commit a refereeing howler in the Sharks v Cowboys final. Sure enough, the pink cheats would go on to rule themselves out of any further officiating dumb-pharkery by counting the fourth tackle twice and awarding a seven-tackle game-winning try.

    Yet another teeth grinding outrage for the fans at 1300Gums Stadium.

    To twist the knife further, now all the Cows fans need is for ASADA to belatedly swing the axe on the Sharks for Peptide abuse.

    Good skills TWiL team.

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