TWiL NRL Podcast #118: #MultiCrisis

This week we talk Robert Lui’s latest indiscretion (allegedly), Richie Fa’aoso and Steve Matai’s persecution by the NRL (according to Nate), Benji practically robbing the bank of #TigersInDecline and much more! We also run through the action from Round 7 and look ahead to Round 8!


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One thought on “TWiL NRL Podcast #118: #MultiCrisis

  1. NZTiger says:

    Nate, you wanted honest thoughts from realistic Tigers fans about Benji & the $4mill contract extension.
    Well, being a NZ born Tigers fan, you won’t get more realistic than this.

    Here’s what I posted on a WT Facebook group page that got plenty of likes:

    While Benji does give us that “spark/opportunity” in attack, his form as of late has been extremely poor (ever since the McDonalds incident imo) and doesn’t warrant such a deal. Simply he is not the same player anymore because the club now expect him to take on an senior organizational role in the team. We all know Benji is not that type of player. He needs a halfback beside him that can steer the ship around while Benji does the flashy stuff & creates the opportunities through his vision, speed & passing.
    Think of the seasons he was in great form – 2005 along side Prince and 2010 along side Lui (who was beginning to steer the team around).

    Like Shaun Johnson, Benji is a touch footballer playing a contact sport. Love my kiwi brother but he’s never going to be a Lockyer, Thurston or a Wally Lewis is he?

    Certainly worth extending Benji’s contact by an additional couple of years, but half that 4 million should be used to beef up our front row & work on retaining our future like Spence, Brooks & Santi.

    I followed by saying:

    This also why I think Benji lost the kiwi captaincy.
    The kiwis view Foran as the organiser while Benji & Johnson will have to fight it out for the flashy role.
    At the mo, Johnson is in better form. It’d be suicide having both Benji & Johnson together in the halves.

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