It’s our final episode of the year! As tradition dictates, we revisit our very first episode of 2012 and go back over our predictions and see how we went. Who else is prepared to put it all on the line and humiliate themselves like THAT! We also hit the final news stories of the year, still loads of signings and sackings, and we put it out there for you guys to decide the next tshirt – we’re producing it in time for Christmas!

Thanks so much for the support throughout the season guys, it’s been an epic year with massive growth in listeners and we’re so happy to have you all onboard! We’ll be back next year, bigger and better!


It’s voting season is so so many ways!

Time for US to try and get some industry recognition. We have two awards that are currently undergoing the nomination process. To see the full breakdown of how it works, go to


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