TWiL NRL Podcast #103: Bring The Noise

This week we welcome special guest host Sam (@mr_warz), covering for Glen while he takes some time off. We recap the Dally M’s, talk about Brian Smith getting the arse, and recap the final round of action from the regular season. We also take a look at the upcoming finals matchups for the first big weekend of action in the 2012 finals series!


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11 thoughts on “TWiL NRL Podcast #103: Bring The Noise

  1. Spidaw says:

    i played league a long time ago and have helped out in the sheds for a long time    at the age of sixty i am giving the game away when incompetent officials decide the result    jt handled homself in a dignified manner         spida toowoombqa

  2. Dmummery says:

    and people pay good money to watch that crap. the ref always decides whos going to win not the teams on the field. The NRL will do anything to have last years finalists in the grandfinal to make great so they reckon.  i would rather watch a game frome the 80’s no betting and no bullshit. its all a setup now.

  3. Barryhawke says:

    I wait hope and pray that in the modern day game of rugby league that a fair and equitable match can be played with the use of technology that we have now. Sadly this is still not the case. The games that I see now are far from being called as we see them even with delayed telecasts and endless replays. I would just like to thank the NRL for appointing such abominable adjudicators to this game and the league as a whole. I too like to watch the old games on fox. At least these games seem far more evenly adjudicated. Fans can accept teams loosing to decent decisons or when teams play badly but not to this pathetic display. JT and the players coaches held back and composed themselves because they have to out of fear of fines or suspensions. Thanks NRL for turning me off the game. You`re a joke.

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