TWiL Episode 63: The Main Event Of The Season

Episode 63 is now live! This week it’s on for young and old as the guys cover the biggest story of 2011 – the massive brawl between Manly and the Storm! We also cover the usual previews and reviews in a bumper edition of the #1 rugby league podcast in the world – This Week in League. Don’t forget to enter our Jabra Finals Fantasy Football competition for your chance to win a Jabra Sport wireless bluetooth headset valued at $149.00! We’ve got loads to give away, and it’s free to enter at!

In This Episode

  • We discuss all of the angles from Friday’s night of spite
  • How will the Top 8 shake out? Who will win the spoon? It’s all up for grabs in Round 26!
  • Enter our Jabra Finals Fantasy Football Competition here! Total prize pool of over $1500 worth of prizes!
  • To discuss this episode head to our This Week In League Discussion for Episode 63

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Feel free to hit up Jabra on their Twitter at @Jabra_ANZ and thank them for supporting independent media. We are loving their support and are proud to be partnering up with them for this great competition!

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3 thoughts on “TWiL Episode 63: The Main Event Of The Season

  1. UPL 10 says:

    In this story No
    place in our game for the biff says David Gallop D.G quoted, The judiciary
    “will deal with the individuals and the issues but it’s important today to
    make the point that the clubs have a collective responsibility to protect the
    image of the game”, he said. Ever since the introduction of the 10m rule
    under the 13man game the clubs collectively (their coaching staff &
    players) have introduced a range of tactics in the tackle in efforts to slow
    the play the ball down. With the referees under instruction (the blind eye
    syndrome) allowing this CANCER to FESTER to create the illusion of a fast game,
    that’s the only reason they wanted the 2nd ref on the field
    was to
    police the crap in the tackle that they themselves allowed to get to a
    point, (that worked out well didn’t it?) Eventually a referee will
    penalise a player & the question will then be asked I’ve been
    getting away with it for the last 10min or 3 games or the other team
    have been doing it all game how come you pinched us. Why haven’t all
    those responsible for
    this CANCER been held accountable for not protecting the image of the
    game, isn’t
    that the same as bringing the game into disrepute. And the fact that
    Geoff Bellew is now on to it the circus must go on. OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!

  2. Macca says:

    Wow! Nathan I always knew you were bias, but I didnt know you were a cunt too… Dead set, after listening to this last ep’ and hearing you go on about how innocent manly was in the fight made me lose the tiny shred of respect I had for you. Glen how do you hold yourself back from knocking out that fuckwhit sitting in front of you?… 
    It was a suprise to hear that Nathan said he would be the third man in a fight – Its weird a cat would make such a dog move! but then again, I guess gronks dont know what being a man is all about! Any self respecting man would NOT jump in when his mate isin a fight, unless, just like Glen said, their mate was being slaughtered – in which case you should do whatever it takes to help your mate. But if it’s just 2 guys going toe to toe, and you jump in making it 2 on 1 – Then you are the lowest form of scum to walk this earth – hmmm actually after saying that I guess it is no suprise Nathan would be a third man in ay.. Serioulsy, Nathan, you fat fuckin low life, how does your missus put up with you rolling around the house spilling gravy everywhere!? Thanks for ruining what was a really good podcast, and Glen, please mate, find a new co-host and start a new podcast! You will absolutely get 3 times as many listeners if your show is minus one fat cunt.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha thanks for the comment “Macca”, if that is your real name. Your kind words are much appreciated!

    Now, onto serious matters – YOU WIN! You are officially the dumbest cunt who listens to This Week in League, because, despite the UFC-style intro clearly stating I would be trolling in that episode, you STILL fell for the bait hook, line and sinker. You are in an exclusive group, because you are literally the only listener who did.  You stupid fucking cunt.

    FYI my missus does quite well thank you, but I have grave fears for yours, given the only form of “intimacy” you practise is drinking your own load out of your fleshlight after you’re finished.

    Keep listening though, really.

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