Episode 43 of This Week in League is live! This week the guys go to war with a toothless shark, dissect the big announcements regarding Wayne Bennett and Jamal Idris, and cover all of the news, views, reviews and previews (and anything else that rhymes with that) from the world of the NRL and ESL! All that and more on the #1 rugby league podcast in the world – This Week in League.

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In This Episode

  • We unleash the might of the TWiLNation onto SharkMan05
  • Nate takes massive kickbacks from the orange growers cartel
  • We disagree on the pronunciation of “Salford”. Repeatedly.
  • It’s a massive week in betting and everyone is going to get rich, thanks to PuntClub.com
  • To discuss this episode head to our This Week In League Discussion for Episode 43

NOTE: Around the 30 minute mark you’ll hear Glen’s audio drop out a bit for around 45 seconds. Unfortunately it was an unpreventable technical issue and we made the best of it that we could!

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