Episode 25 of This Week in League is now available! This week we get all X-Files as we try and explain the paranormal activity that transpired at Parramatta last Sunday afternoon. One Manly player loses his new nickname for a week as another player gains a new nickname. Nate gets bleeped after successfully running the gauntlet for almost the entire season! Oh, plus there’s news, reviews and previews as you would expect!

In This Episode

  • Glen’s father makes a cameo at Parramatta Stadium
  • Nate regrets regretting calling Tony “T-Rex” Williams the next rugby league Immortal
  • Michael Luck earns our respect for being a tough bastard
  • We salute Cooper Vuna for scoring a hat-trick – the mark of a quality player!
  • Plus reviews and previews for all of your NRL action!

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Oh, and I said I’d put up the picture of Michael Luck’s leg so you can see where Watmough hit him with an axe, so here it is!!