Episode 13 of This Week in League is now online!

In this, the luckiest episode of them all, in addition to our ongoing quest to hit 500 Facebook Page members we also announce our very special NRL Mid-Season Report Card! Listen to the show to find out how YOU can get on the show and represent YOUR team!

In This Episode

  • We give you the rundown on Israel Folau, what it means to the NRL, and how we feel!
  • Johnathon Thurston has to account for his potty mouth – like we can talk!
  • TWiL may have found their mascot – THE OTTOMAN
  • All of the news, views, reviews, and previews you’ve come to expect!

In the show Nate mentioned the Thurston footage – if you haven’t seen it, get it here: http://bit.ly/POTTYMOUTH

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