TWiL #9: Confessions Of A State Traitor

Episode 9 of This Week in League is now online!

This week Glen returns from the jungles of PNG to take his rightful place as co-host of the #1 Rugby League podcast in the world!

In This Episode

  • Glen gives us the lowdown on his trip to Kokoda
  • The guys preview the upcoming test match and City vs Country match
  • The arguments start up again about the Revelation Of The 2010 NRL Season
  • Glen shares a shameful secret from his past

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Don’t forget the special discussion thread that will also accompany this episode entitled “Is Glen a Filthy State Traitor?”. Get on there, declare your allegiances, and judge everyone in the harsh manner befitting a rugby league fan!!

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2 thoughts on “TWiL #9: Confessions Of A State Traitor

  1. Glen says:

    Why Thankyou Brett, high praise indeed, considering you belong to such an esteemed establishment as The Roar!

    Kimmorley’s intercept stats have stalled for a week on account of the BYE round, but rest assured he will more than make up for it as he presses his claims for a Blue jersey this weekend. A Kimmorley intercept is as New South Wales as a Series loss…

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