Episode 8 of This Week in League is now online!

This week we have our final special guest host filling in for Glen: Doug, a Sharkies supporter. What a time for him to come on the show, with the Sharkies racking up a HUGE win against the Knights! In this episode the guys discuss the giant dragon riding abilities of Jamal Idris, wrap up all the action from round 7 of the NRL season, preview all of the action for round 8 and much much more!

In This Episode

  • The Sharkies avoid the spoon, AND avoid a kicking for a week
  • We put the Storm on the backburner (mostly) to talk about footy again
  • Doug tries to rustle up more fans for the Sharks (trust me, it’s very unconvincing!))
  • The guys bemoan their personal lack of speedboats and Jayco caravans (hint, hint)

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