TWiL #3: Blow That Whistle, Ref

Episode 3 is now live! Round 2 of Season 2010 is history, and the guys take a look back at the week that was!

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After this episode was recorded the REAL culprit behind the mysterious “removal” of the door to the visitor’s dressing room at Parramatta Stadium was revealed! See the footage below!


In this episode

  • Glen has some investment advice for ‘Sonny’ Ben Hannant
  • The boys blow the whistle on the standard of refereeing
  • Nate still finds a way to sledge the unstoppable Dragons
  • The debate about the Revelation of the 2010 NRL Season heats up
  • Glen forgets where he comes from

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– Thanks to Cameron (@FallofReach) for the heads up on the youtube footage of Dessie losing his shit!

One thought on “TWiL #3: Blow That Whistle, Ref

  1. dogman says:

    Manly the fluffers to big Leads pron star – may be the greatest call of all time. On reflection if you straw polled the 16 NRL captains with the question – “Players of which club are likely to become fluffers once their league career has finished” 15 would answer Manly while the other would answer “Mine”

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