2014 was our first year offering memberships to our amazing and ever-increasing listenership. These inaugural memberships were extremely well-received and surpassed our predictions by a long way, thanks to the massive response from those passionate legends who jumped onboard.

We are excited at the prospect of growing #TWILNation and offering further opportunities to catch up over a drink or three dozen at an approved establishment to talk footy, in addition to the legendary El Loco meetups on GF day! After all, wasn’t that the whole premise of this show from Day 1? Get on board now, we’ll love you forever!*

These packs will take a few weeks to be produced, collected and sent to you guys, but we’ll keep you updated as to when each component arrives so you’ll be pretty clear on how far away things are.

Here’s what you get!

This year we have a special Undefeated* hoodie that will be exclusive to TWILNation members, available in your choice of black or green, PLUS a TWILNation sticker PLUS a TWILNation alloy can/bottle opener! That’s around $80 value for the princely sum of $64.95! Yep, they’ve gone up this year due to the high costs of producing a hoodie (totally worth it!)

TWILNation Memberships have 100% sold out every year – we add about 20% extra each season to account for the new arrivals, but once they are gone they are gone! Priority is given to past members to renew, but once that window closes the clock starts ticking!

2017 Memberships are currently in the member renewal stage, but they’ll be open to the general public shortly!