TWIL NRL Podcast Episode #353: Second Team Syndrome+

Footy is back, and we look at the round 3 games, look ahead to round 4, and talk about the...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #352: Jeffrey Boost Juice+

Rugby league is back! We have weathered the storm and the game we love has returned. Speaking of returning, Cronulla...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #351: The Brain Genius Whisperer+

This week we close the book on our anti-vax turnstile pal, celebrate the return of GI and wade through the...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #350: Steel Caps+

This week we celebrate the big TREE FIDDY, as we raise the bat and the wrap it around the heads...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #349: Hologram Artie+

This week we talk about those who won’t vax, Channel 9, and our most painful games that we’ve attended. Download...

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