Hey ‎#TWiLNation… we mentioned on the show that it was coming, and it’s here!

The ‎#TigersInDecline tshirt is officially open for presale – here’s how it works:

We need a minimum amount of sales to ensure this thing goes ahead, and it’s not very many (probably about 30). Given the interest in this shirt we expect to hit that number very quickly, at which point it will swing into production and around 3 weeks later the shirts will be posted out.

We will keep you updated as to exactly WHEN we hit the number to go into production, when we receive the stock, and when it’s posted, so you’ll be on top of things throughout the process.

Should we fail to reach the number of presales required to produce the shirts within a few weeks we shall consider this a foolish venture and refund the early adopters.

So, if you want one of these shirts, get to our online store and preorder NOW:

We’re happy to sell an amount that sees us break-even while getting the shirt made for those who want them, anything more than that will go some of the way to covering the costs of producing and hosting the FREE show for not only the last 4 years, but the next 4, and the 4 after that too!