Ok TWiLNation we need your help! It is awards season again, and we can make a real splash in these awards if we can mobilise. We were a finalist in the 2011 Podcast Awards, and with a much larger audience this year there’s no reason why we can’t repeat!


To help us get nominated for the 2012 Podcast Awards follow these steps:

1. Go to http://podcastawards.com.

You can only nominate us for two categories, so fill in:

1. People’s Choice Award
Name: This Week in League

2. Sports
Name: This Week in League

If you listen to other shows feel free to nominate ones you like in other categories, we like @lenier’s “Not Yet Hated” (http://notyethated.com) in Entertainment and @nudgoo’s “Talk Movies” (http://talkmovies.net) in Movies/Film.

This is a one-time-only submission, once you’ve nominated… that’s it. You’ll receive an email to verify your vote (probably). Last year they said it was random, but most reports indicated EVERYONE got an email.

If all goes well we’ll get nominated and then we’ll be bugging you guys for actual votes in the final comp!

Nominations close on October 15th (USA time)


This morning we got an email from Stitcher, THEY have awards. Process is here: http://stitcher.promotw.com.

Hit that site, scroll down to “Best Sports Commentary”, type in “This Week in League”, and it will open a dropdown with the show name and you can then click on it. From there you can share on your FB wall, Twitter etc as well.

Nominations close on October 19th and you can vote in this one DAILY, so please do if you can.

Thanks heaps to all of you who do this!