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TWiL BONUS Episode: 2011 Teaser!

It’s 2011 and we’re only weeks away from the much-anticipated Season 2 of This Week in League.

To commemorate the occasion we’ve put together a little video featuring certain “behind-the-scenes” footage from 2010 that may look familiar to you!

Thanks for all of your kind comments over the off season, it’s not long now!

We also have a new YouTube Channel at where we’ll be delivering you the goodness on video as well as audio periodically throughout the year!


  1. rosycoast
    rosycoast February 18, 2011

    You guys are crazy! In a very entertaining and sweet way. But still, crazy!
    Bring on the 2011 season already!

  2. nathan
    nathan February 27, 2011

    dont worry glen, get the paint ready…is nate shaving that rat off his head?

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous March 2, 2011

    Testing again!

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