TWiL NRL Podcast #260: Jayrassic+

This week we look at Origin game 2, as much as we don’t want to. We also take a look...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #259: Turgid Draw+

This week we talk Origin game 2, the departures of SKD and Nate Myles from their club, and the financial...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #257: Donkey Show+

This week it’s all about Origin, and what a game it was! We also welcome back our friends @SuperleaguePod, #AskNat,...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #256: Porch Tigers+

This week in our late episode we look at Origin – does NSW have their best chance to start a...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #251: Ugganugga Nowhere+

This week we talk about signings, players who switch to rugby (redux), and much more. As always we are happy...

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