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TWIL NRL Podcast #292: Deconstructed Fuckhead Cakes+

This week the king has returned to the Tigers! We take a look at the pros and cons, as well...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #291: Death Star Impersonation+

This week we talk about Watmough vs DCE, salute Peter Wallace, announce our retirement from all sorts of things along...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #290: Cuckdy Shades of Grey+

This week we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to announce that NSW is the best and this time it’s definitely...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #289: Tarzan’s Grip+

This week in tangents we go back in time to solve the world’s problems, while in the present day we...

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TWIL NRL Podcast #288: 60% Gruntled+

This week we talk sin binning, Bennett vs Bellamy, Manly’s dominance of the Storm and much more! As always, if...

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