$1.99 / month and a $39.99 sign-up fee

This year we’re offering two types of membership for the TWILNation faithful! If you’d like to enjoy the usual membership style as per the previous years AS WELL AS the brand new Digital Membership option, this is the package you want.

The Merch + Digital package will include the following items from the MERCH pack:

* A TWILNation 6 Pack Cooler!
This cooler is made of heavy-duty fabric, PEVA lined and big enough to hold a 6-pack of cans, or 40 minibar-sized bottles of your favourite cinnamon whiskey/coffee tequila. The cooler is foam insulated, with a slip pocket on the front, adjustable webbing shoulder strap and a double zippered lid. Dimensions approximately 22.5cm W x 19.5cm H x 15.5cm D with a cubic capacity of 6 litres. Black with TWILNation branding;

* A TWILNation drink bottle!
Featuring a TWILNation-themed design and a 750ml capacity you will find it a breeze to remain hydrated and stay away from the dreaded “paprika” state;

* Multiple stickers!
You’ll get a 2020 members sticker that is tough enough for your car, as well as at least one #TWILTourist sticker you can use at your ground of choice; and

* An invite to a members-only meet up
It all goes down the night before the Grand Final in Sydney, venue TBA;

PLUS the following inclusions from the DIGITAL pack (at a 50% discount!):

* FOUR New Exclusive Weekly Episodes per month
Four Q&A/AMA/Anything goes/Storytime/”WHATEVER comes up” episodes each month (to be recorded and released weekly after the regular episode). These episodes are IN ADDITION to the existing episodes of the show which will forever remain free of charge;

* ONE Exclusive “Game Companion” live episode per month
This episode will be a live accompaniment to a Sunday afternoon game each month (schedule TBA); and

PLUS the following inclusions from BOTH packs:

* 10% off everything at the TWIL store
We’ve had so many amazing ideas sent our way for merch this year, and high demand for old favourites, so we’re going to be going all out in 2020, with the long-awaited return of the caps happening first! Members save 10% on anything at our store in 2020; and

* The right to vote to decide the TWILLY 2020 Player of the Year Award.
In the past this award has been voted on from a shortlist that we’ve created, but from 2020 onward the winner will be decided by a season-long 4-3-2-1 voting scheme on each game during the season. This scoring will remain secret until we tally the votes up for the season-ending TWILLY awards.

Thanks for your support – this show is simply not possible without our legendary members!