$3.99 / month

The TWILNation 2020 Digital Membership provides a new option for listeners who want to support the show, and rather than simply “donating” or paying for our regular free content, we’ve added some new exclusive content that is being offered for the first time!

The Digital Membership entitles the member to the following:

* FOUR Exclusive Q&A/AMA/Anything goes/Storytime/”WHATEVER comes up” episode each month (to be recorded and released weekly after the regular episode);

* ONE Exclusive “Game Companion” live episode per month. This episode will be a live accompaniment to a Sunday afternoon game each month (schedule TBA);

* 10% off any TWIL merch released in 2020;

* The right to vote to decide the TWILLY 2020 Player of the Year Award. In the past this award has been voted on from a shortlist that we’ve created, but from 2020 onward the winner will be decided by a season-long 4-3-2-1 voting scheme on each game during the season. This scoring will remain secret until we tally the votes up for the season-ending TWILLY awards.

Thanks for your support – this show is simply not possible without our legendary members!

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